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When it comes to movies I'm pretty much good to watch whatever you name it I'm down. But don't get me wrong I love a nice chick flick when I just wanna cuddle or be up under a man. But if you dare put in an action movie.... SEX better not be on your mind cause I wanna see the WHOLE DAMN THING!!

From time to time I'll sit and watch a documentary.... Only if it's good though. I'm not just watching any old thing. I barely watch tv, so yes, I have a large DVD collection. Best gift you could give me is a gift card to Best Buy or Wal Mart. I could sit and watch movies all night long.... Unless I have company.... Male company. The kind of context of a movie I'm into now are basically anything that has to do with natives, vampires or Chaske Spencer. That's Chaske below.


Yes! I love tattoos. I don't have many but I am building on that!! So far I just four






Alex (Meraz)

Live Laugh Love

Before you ask, yes those are the names of the wolves from New Moon. And I don't plan on getting them removed! I RUN WITH WOLVES BABY YEAH!!!!


Music, well this isn't that hard but it is long. I like everything from Rock and Roll to music in the 80's. Probably even later than that. You can throw anything my way and I would probably fall in love with it after a couple songs. Unless it's really good then I'll fall in love instantly! Not really much to say here other than music is universal to me! But i would have to say right off the top of my head the groups i'm in to at the moment are:

Kings Of Leon

Gunes And Roses

Thriving Ivory


That's just to name a phew of my favorite. Those  three are taking up most of my music time when I wanna relax lately.... They are subject to change.


This section is just as important as the female idol box. These are my male idols, only thing is I call them my warriors. These men are beautiful from the words they speak to actions they take. They are the REAL (in my opinion) definition of man. Read on them in the blog area, see what they are up to, what a difference they have visioned for this world. You'll learn to love them just as much as I do.

Jay Tavare

Chaske Spencer


Rick Mora

                                                               Idols (Female)

This section I felt was important to add after learning on March 23rd my favorite idol of all (Elizabeth Taylor) had passed away. She was truely a film legend as they called her. Only the ones who really make an impact not just on my life but others as well gets the privelage of being called my idol. Now of course my mother is my idol, but who's mother isn't there idol. This site I designed of myself for you to learn new things of me not something you can tell from the outside but something you can only learn on the inside. And the three woman below are three young, beautiful women who has made an impact on my life as well as others. These woman has or in Elizabeth's case, had played an important part in my life. And I want everyone to know who they are. And don't be afraid to know who they are yourselves. It's a research you won't regret.

Elizabeth Taylor

Tinsel Korey

Amanda Cryer

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