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Paula Labaredas and Lucky Tiger Films Host "The Critic" Official Wrap Party Benefiting Children of the NIght

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif., June 6, 2011 -- /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday May 26 at "Station" located inside the W Hollywood Hotel, Paula Labaredas of Lucky Tiger Films hosted the official "The Critic" Wrap Party for the Cast, crew, friends and a charity benefit for Children of the Night. Paula expanded her career title as a co-producer wearing multiple hats and starring in the film. This is Paula's first movie that she is producing under her production company, "Lucky Tiger Films", directed by Gregory Hatanak . Paula Labaredas is most recognized from her work in Bachelor Party II, Cattle Call, and Showgirls. Throughout the party guests were entertained by a slideshow containing behind the scenes pictures from the production. On their way out, each member of the cast and crew received an exclusive gift bag that included gifts from Blue Ice Vodka, Food Should Taste Good, Monster Energy Drinks, Godiva Chocolates, and Eleanor Jean Boutique. Most of the cast members were in attendance as well as support from other celebrities including Shanna Moakler, Electra Avellan, Kim Lee ("The Hangover part II"), Rick Mora (Twilight), Vanessa Evigan, Keith Lewis, MMPA President  Jarvee Hutcherson, Torrance Coombs. Also in attendance was Miss Arizona 2010 Brittany Bell, Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton , Model Nicole Williams, Miss Wyoming 2010 Claire Schreiner , Miss California USA 2008 Raquel Beezley, Miss California USA  2011 Alyssa Campanella and Miss California Teen 2011 Alexis Swanstrom

"The Critic", a Cinema Epoch Film, is a movie about a film critic whose life is on a fast track to destruction, and takes down all those who cross his path. Robert is a film critic who falls into an insane, immoral world that turns his life upside down. He goes down a road involving excess sex, drugs, and alcohol, leaving behind a hoard of murdered girls.

Children of the Night were onsite to pass out literature and raise awareness about their cause. Children of the Night is a private organization founded in 1979 who are dedicated to assisting children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced to prostitution as a means to live and find shelter. Children of the Night have continued its pledge to keep rescuing girls and boys from prostitution and the domination of vicious pimps. In addition, they provide all programs with the support of private donations.

http://www.childrenofthenight.org ;

Lucky Tiger Films was founded by Paula Labaredas, an actor and producer with over ten years' experience in the film industry. Its mission is to create high concept, high quality, thought provoking, innovative, and entertaining films that will succeed both commercially and critically. Our goal is not just about making a movie, but to leave a mark and change people's lives for the better through filmmaking. They strive to make films that fully express what it is to be human, exploring both the dark and the light side of human nature. Lucky Tiger Films works in all stages of development: From treatment and concept to projects that are "packaged" and ready to begin production. Their goal is to move quality based concepts from genesis to completion, resulting in a product that is a top grossing box office hit with the potential to become a classic.






The Next Twilight? The Next Edward?

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Actor Rick Mora (Twilight) reflects on the winning screenplay of The Famous Monsters of Filmland and discovers the Vampire Symphony Orchestra in 'The Romanian Tomb' by Erik von Wodtke.


PRLog (Press Release) – May 09, 2011 – Actor Rick Mora (Twilight) read recently that a 2011 screenplay winner of the Famous Monsters of Filmland competition was a vampire/romance/thriller. “It’s about the secret Vampire Symphony Orchestra. Now that is Brilliant!” He said, “It's nice to see a very intriguing concept that brings class and originality to these fans. I would love to take a special date to see that romantic thrill-ride."

The Romanian Tomb, an independent feature geared towards to vampire/romance fancore, recently moved into preproduction with Producer Manette Rosen and Director Joel Bender at Rosen/Bender Productions. The indie will face a sea of tough competition as the studios gear up to replace (Twilight), the mega blockbuster series.

Rick has been around Los Angeles most of his life and has observed the swelling vamp fan growth in the entertainment industry. "Vampire romance is bigger now than ever. Remember the days of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997)? A deep fan base grew with the help of the spin-off Angel, starring David Boreanaz; and the sudden popularity explosion of “geek-pop-culture” with Comic-Con and global social internet communities like the GeekGirls-Network." www.geekgirlsnetwork.com  

Rick continued to explain, "When Twilight first came out, fans had been waiting for awhile to again get their teeth into something vampire/romance. Now with the huge success of HBO's "True Blood" and CW's The Vampire Diaries , there are more scripts and concepts being shopped around town than anyone can imagine."

Rick played a small part in Twilight and has observed why Stephenie Meyer’s stories connected so well with the audience. He points out that, "Bella was extremely identifiable to that core fan base. It's as if every teenage girl's fantasy can be vicariously lived through Bella. Her awkward 1193885058 teenage drama is irresistible to women of all ages. They all want some handsome dangerous guy to fall desperately in love with them."

The much-anticipated final film of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, will be released on the 16th of November 2012. The independent feature, The Romanian Tomb, is looking to hit theaters the 1st of October 2012.



Rick Mora – Gorgeous Native

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Bailey here again –

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a Native hunk, so here we go. Ever heard of Rick Mora? Hmmmm. He’s nice. VERY nice. And apparently, he’s a very busy guy. Rick is an actor, model, photographer and producer. He’s also a speaker and has done radio broadcasting.

Rick, an Apache / Yaqui Native, holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication from Cal State, Northridge. He started acting and modeling soon after graduating and was discovered by male super model agent, Omar Alberto, who envisioned the Native man in entertainment. (Thank you, Omar!)

Rick played Warrior #1 in the movie Twilight in the flashback scene when Jacob explains to Bella about the history of his Tribe with the Cold Ones. (I remember that scene!) He’s also had starring roles in The Dead and the Damned, the VILA Chronicles and Operation Repo. He is the voice of Young Turok in the animated feature Turok: Son of Stone, based on the video game, also starring Native actors, Adam Beach and Graham Greene.

As a model, Rick has 4 posters (oh yeah!) being distributed by photographer Carlos Reynosa (http://www.carlosreynosa.com). As a photographer, Rick has 9 commissioned pieces to date. He specializes in landscapes, but also shoots headshots, portfolios, children and weddings. (I think I need a headshot!) As a music lover, Rick discovers, develops and produces musicians and bands in the brutal music business. (Darn, I have no musical talent whatsoever. )

Rick also supports the fight against domestic and sexual abuse against Native women. A noble endeavor for a very serious problem.


“I am a dreamer committed to bringing my dreams to reality.” – Rick Mora




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Native At Its Best

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Rick Mora Attends Beverly Hills Film Festival

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Rick Mora Attends the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2011 woth fellow actors Cuba Gooding Jr. and Jay Tavare, music, legacy djGETZ (grandson of Stan Getz) and Publicist Monica Wild Eagle Entertainment April 4, 2011.



Twilight star fans may know who Rick Mora is

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Who exactly is Rick Mora?

To many of the Twilight star fans may know who Rick Mora is, but to

the non-Twilight fans he is just another stranger to all of us. Cutting

to the chase of getting to know Rick, he was born in Los Angeles and

was raised on a farm land over 100 acres with no electricity and living

with just a wood burning stove in Crescent City, California. At age 7

he went back to the bigcity of Los Angels. Rick had earned his

Bachelor Degree from CA State University in Northridge with a major

in communication.

Beside acting and modeling gigs, soon follows in the foot step of

legendary Male super model agent Omar Alberto on doing many

great photography shoots with Carlos Reynossa, Cliff Watts and

Matthew Rolston in which allows Rick to get into the American and

European Commercial and modeling markets.


EZ chats with Twilight Star Rick Mora