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Almost Done!!

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Yes the end is coming THANK FUCKING GOD!!!

Chemotherapy is almost over and I really can't wait to hear those words "Cancer Free". I've been through so much in the last six months and I DON'T wanna go through it any more!! Friday the 17th is my last day for chemo and then a follow up on Monday the 20 th. And hopefully within weeks after that day I will be getting some good news, you know those words.... Cancer Free!!

Earth Day in San Francisco

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Earth Day in San Francisco will be the largest event in the bay area. Come join me and many others in a never ending fight for earth. This years event is occurring just a few days before the year mark of the BP oil spill, this event is showing the urgent solutions we need for earth now! If we don’t fight for a healthier planet no one will.

Earth Day San Francisco 2011 (EDSF) is more than just an annual event. This festival is designed to bring together leading members of green/sustainability with the same active movements to co-create a vision of how we are addressing the environmental issues we face every day. To show the world and everyone in it we mean business on pressing the issues of this matter EDSF 2011 will have many speakers, workshop leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, indigenous community leaders, and civic agencies are invited to show you all that this is real and we can do something about it. This won’t be a boring event, there will be plenty of musicians, dance performances, and workshop activities that you could participate in and this is also for all ages. There will be a youth empowerment groups to help children see that they as well can protect the earth and have fun in the process.

Come out to this annual event in San Francisco on April 23 downtown at the civic center from 10pm to 6pm. This will be something you wouldn’t want to miss! For more information and to keep up-to-date news about EDSF every year please take a look at the site and all of its affiliates at http://earthdaysf.com.

Earth Day San Francisco 2011 poster

100 Facts About Me

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100 Facts about Chelsea Gwendolyn Brooks

This was a TT on twitter and I thought it would be a good idea to put on the site since they would all be about me! Feel free to add #100 facts about yourself as well.

I hope you do!

1) The number fact about me is that I love Chaske Spencer and NO ONE can and will ever change that!!

2) I support just about every and anything WORTH supporting.

3) I email poetry to Chaske Spencer and Connor Fox to get their opinion on my writing.

4) I’m in a very slow process of writing a book called “Needed”

5) I will never forget the feeling of being engaged.

6) I drink….. Occasionally.

7) I like to gamble.

8) I hate attention grabbers but I love it myself.

9) I hate when my kindness is taken for granted.

10) I’m a real sacrificer for family, friends, and life.

11) My true hair color is light brown.

12) I write poetry.

13) I love seafood.

14) I own a tazor and a gun.

15) I don’t like to fight but that don’t mean I can’t and won’t whoop yo ass.

16) I’m in the process of re-painting my room.

17) I hate my stubby feet.

18) I’m from Rochester, New York.

19) I’m single in this world but I have TONS of relationships in my head head.

20) I love to learn.

21) I love someone but they’ll never know how much.

22) I dream of my wolves every night.

23) I love to give advice.

24) I prefer to cook in the nude.

25) I love to shop for shoes and food.

26) I love to lend a helping hand as much as I can.

27) I keep my friends close and enemies closer.

28) I want to be a photographer

29) Refqa I love you more than life itself… I would truly breakdown without you.

30) I used to live on the army base in Baltimore, Maryland.

31) I always wanted a bird as a pet.

32) I had two pet fish named Emily and Sam.

33) I’m a risk taker

34) I’m very creative with my mind and more with my hands.

35) I have a strong strange unusual fucked up desire to have a threesome with Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds. (Don’t ask!)

36) Strawberry cheesecake is my favorite desert.

37) I have 7 FB accounts

38) I don’t know how to put on make-up

39) I still play dress-up

40) I’m sort of old fashioned

41) I still have the picture Bronson Pelletier “accidently” twitpiced to Sabine publically!

42) I love to wear high hills

43) I have a small passion for fashion

44) I love to cook put I’m not a chef

45) I slept with someone famous

46) I love twitter. It brought me happiness

47) I own this site and love the fact I could call it mine.

48) I own Bewmore’s Universe a site for Daniel Cudmore and Charlie Bewley.

49) I own Danny Delights

50) I own Chasketeers

51) I admid two Robert Pattinson sites

52) I love action movies

53) I believed I have tortured soul

54) I tend to put other peoples happiness before my own knowing that I could be truly happy if I put mines first for a change.

55) Kiowa Gordon followed me on twitter.

56) I’m a flirt

57) I have tattoos of Chaske, Bronson, Kiowa and Alex’s name on my body.

58) I was born April 2, 1988

59) I want to learn Spanish but to lazy to go take classes

60) I do my own hair and nails

61) I love pickles on everything

62) I prefer the name Gwendolyn or Gwen because I write poetry and I love the famous poet Gwendolyn Brooks.

63) Everyone calls me Gwen or Butterfli

64) My full name is Chelsea Gwendolyn Coraline Brooks

65) I have 3 biological brothers. Chaz Spraggins, Caleb Spraggins and Craig Brooks.

66) I have 1 biological sister Christine Spraggins

67) My biological mother is in prison but I love her no matter what

68) I used to read a lot ever since these headaches…. Not so much.

69) I have a phobia against fogs and lizards. I will literally faint or loose my mind if one gets to close.

70) I have to have lip gloss on my lips 24HoursADay/7DaysAWeek/52WeeksAYear/365DaysAyear

71) I love to freestyle decorate

72) I love tattoos

73) I like my men older and taller than me

74) I’m obsessed with natives, but that’s not really a secret.

75) Sometimes when I’m alone I act like I’m the sexiest thing that walks this earth and every man wants me.

76) I like to sing in my room by myself with the lights out at night.

77) I love to dance in my room at night with the lights out all by myself.

78) I love my Perla, she’s my jewel.

79) I’ve had two tubical pregnancies

80) I have had three miscarriages

81) My son has a different father from my daughters

82) My son is a product of rape

83) I’m bisexual

84) I plan on having another son

85) I’ve owned a total of 13 twitter accounts

86) I cried when I found out Elizabeth Taylor died

87) My give a shit meter tends to breakdown when you’re around.

88) But my Bullshit Detector is in Excellent working condition!

89) I love me Trace Adkins

90) I have a tumor

91) I have cancer

92) I don’t work I’m in college students

93) I have 3 kids

94) I’m 22

95) I have a baby voice

96) I’m bitchy

97) Grace Rosso is an angel

98) I admire Tinsel Korey and Amanda Cryer

99) I’m a fast learner and hard worker.

100) No matter how hard life gets for me, I love it!

© Copyright 2011

My Life As I Know It

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My name is Chelsea G. Brooks. I could go on and on and tell you where I was born, who my parents are, where i'm from yada yada yada yada. Point blank I know some of you can care less. Some of you just really wanna get to the good stuff.

Now I already have a site and most people say "Why not put this on there?"

Well I can't, trust me! I'm gonna be talking about things where I know I'm gonna loose more friends than gain but then I asked myself a couple times the other day "What the hell is friendship?" We'll get to that later.

Some came and asked "Why won't you just get a twitter?"

I have a twitter! I have 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 or... no, no I take that back one I have 6 twitters. Which means I have no life. Which means I'm no fun. Which means I'm very boring... At times.

Good thing is....My "Fuck You Switch" is always on and "Bullshit Meter" Is in EXCELLENT working condition!!

I made this blog to sort of get away from twitter. A lot of drama is on twitter and instead of writing a hell of a lot of tweets about a subject. I'll just come write it here. Among of all the "other" bullshit I go through in an everyday life basis.

To protect the identity of others I won't use names in my.... what's the word? Not Blog or Passages that shit to common. I know! I won't use names in my... sessions.


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Happy Valentine's Day

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So how mad are you guys from me NOT keeping my promis on coming everyday?

Well, my laptop shut down on me and the school is extra strict on sites thst have free hosts. So now I up date with you when I can but most of you follow me on twitter anyways.

Anyways to you all.......


Today, as some of you know, turned out to be a good day.

I got a personal shout out from Chaske Spencer on my poem and card he recieved from me. So I must say THAT kept a smile on my face ALL... DAY... LONG!!

Yeah, that man has no idea how happy he made me. But really anytime he tweets I smile. DO NOT ASK WHY!

But if you love him as much as I do then you should already know why.

Let's see what I did today....

Woke up thinking I was going to school but ended up staying home. I thought I was gonna spend my day with a friend but they bailed last minute and got a Valentine which left me a little upset. And what made it worst is now I can't do the "Raffle for Life" like I wanted to on my other site cause there might be some legal issues that will raise up if I do. Which sucks cause I had some very nice prizes. Some of whih you've all seen already.

And now.... it has to be put on hold. And I don't know for how long. But hopefully I can find out what legal issues there are so I can do the raffle.

On other news....

I get my tattoo of Bronson's name this Friday. Can't wait for you all to see it it's gonna look amazing like Chaske's does. I can't wait to meet the both of them, might be meeting Bronson before Chaske but hey.... At least I'm meeting one of them right?


My day got better when Chaske made that tweet other than i just been working on the dream Catchers and Earrings for the raffle I might not ever have. It's a little late and my fingers are already killing me from weaving earrings and dreamcatchers.

See ya when I see ya!!


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I just wanna give a shot out to the four girls who supported me today.

I spoke with them via text about 2 hours after chemo.

These girls are beautiful inside

As well as the out.

Melinda Rodriguez

Melinda Rodriguez

Amanda Cryer

Julia Lilana Quezada

Julia Lilana Quezada

Perla Donato

Perla Donato

Are You Serious?

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I stayed over my baby daddy house last which turned out to be a mistake. We didn't get into another fight.

He just wanted to stay up all night having sex but I had to go to school the next day.

And I didn't wanna miss a day so early in just returning ya know. It was like 1 am so I told him to make it quick.

We did the do, got it done and over, cleaned up again and laid down for bed.

Why I wake up round 3 am and he on top of me?

Talking bout "Just be still and go back to sleep"

How am I suppose to sleep while you penatrate me?

Would you believe me if i told you that fool actually got mad?

Yes, he got mad and told me I better not ask him for nothing else and he gone remember this.

I rolled over and took my ass back to sleep. Needless to say my body was so damn tired I didn't here the alarm go off so I ended up being late anyways!

And what really pissed me off is he heard the alarm but didn't wanna wake me, he said he figured I was tired.

Now ain't that some shit?

Now he paid for some of the tuition and didn't care if I was putting his money to good use or not.

He just really pissed me off to day.

I'll probably come back and post some more later tonight gotta get back to class. I'm now behind just a little.


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It's a new day in a new month. I know I can't believe it myself. But anyways, on with todays session.

Today for some reason I feel so unfocused. Last night I had a fight with my baby daddy again about something he should know was a lie. But what really bugs me is why men lie? As if I get enough problems from the straight ones I now have to worry about the gay ones. Yeah... The gay ones. I'm not saying I don't like them I'm just saying I don't like the ones that lie.

If you supposed to be gay why are you telling everyone I'm your girlfriend? I haven't seen you in about 4 or 5 years but I'm your girlfriend and we sleeping together. Not to mention YOU ARE GAY!!! Somebody please explain to me what's going on in this fool head? NO SERIOUSLY... I wanna know. And my baby daddy, with his dumb ass, actually gonna come and ask me is it true? Oooh I wanted to slap the taste out his mouth. But he is a lot taller than me and I didn't feel like fighting I was to tired.

We stayed up till 1 am talking about it. Now I'm in school and I can't even concentrate or stay awake. And it's only Tuesday I'm wishing it's Friday but then again I don't cause I have chemo this week and I'm not really looking to feeling like shit. But I get my check this Thursday, file taxes on Saturday and hopefully I'll be able to get my tattoos that day. That's only if I figure out what the hell I want. I want something Chaske related.... Obviously! Thinking of putting a side view of a butterfly on top of the "k" of his name to cover up where my skin flaked a little. But I know for a fact I'm gonna want something else. I wanna get Rocket Queen across my lower backside but at the same time I wanna wait a little longer for that because I kinda want some angel or butterfly wings on my back. I wonder how cool that would look? Almost everything I want sounds expensive, I could afford it money wise it's time wise that'll probably get in the way. I'm a person that has to stay on the move. And the angel or butterfly wings are gonna take time cause I want them to be FLAWLESS!

I'll figure something out before hand. 9 times outta 10 it will be the butterfly. And of course I wil post a before and after pic of the tattoo. Wait I don't have a photo section on this site do I?

Guess I should add one, no I don't wanna. I'll just make a facebook page. I might even take time out to take more photos of myself. Although chemo makes me feel shittier with treatment but I don't wanna live with cancer so..... on warth with the treatments.

I'm gonna make a "try promise" to you guys before I go

I promise to TRY and make a new sesion everyday for you. This way you can be noisy everday instead of every once in awhile Cool? Good!

I'm gonna go to the back of the class now and see if I could sneak about 30 minutes of sleep and go crunch time on work so I could do my homework here instead of home.

Old Memories

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I was sitting in church last night and all I could think about was... nothing. No I take that back I was thinking of something. I was thinking of someone.

James, James Saunders.(This is his real name)

Facebook is like the yellow pages I swear every time I turn around someone from my past is there. Not saying it's a bad thing its just that not all of them I wanna see, for example, the one who found me BEFORE James found me. I really wish he didn't but I don't wanna talk about him and I know for a fact he'll come up later!

But James, ya'll don't understand who James is to me. He was my first high school boyfriend. In fact he's the only boyfriend that didn't have sex with me. I mean we fucked, but didn't really take our time, you know?

Which I'll confess right now I really wish I did have sex with him. But any ways 7 years went by since we spoke and 8 years since we laid eyes on each other. I mean I thought about him over the years but it was nothing serious. He messaged me and friend requested me on the 10th and he hasn't been back on line since then. It's really pissing me off.

How you gone ask somebody how they doing and dissappear for 3 days?! I mean for real? Do you not know what that does to someone? Especially soemone who has history with you! Boy I tell ya.... MEN!

Thinking about him has so many memeories come to mind. Good AND bad from high school.

Oh my god!! I was a wild child when I was younger, no I'm serious I REALLY didn't give a damn then.


Oh my god I remember how me and Darren (And yes that name is a decoy) used to sneak off campus to go to Burger King for lunch. But the funny thing was when one day we got back to campus and a teacher caught us.... Would you believe we were able to convince him we had a Burger King vending machine!?!? He fell for it he actually fell for it. And the next day he was arguing with the lady in the cafeteria about it cause she was telling him there was none! He was pissed, not cause we tricked him but because there was no machine. Teachers at Southeast High weren't very bright, not all of them atleast.

Oooh! I remembered somthing else, I remembered how me and a "friend" would go "play" under the stairs during the first half of chorus practice. Now that was kinda fun.

I know what your thinking, "This girl is airing out ALL here dirty laundry!"

True I am mostly because I'm tired of hiding it from myself and others. And like I said a lot of people will be hurt by this but it's life and I get hurt all the damn time and I'm still standing so I know yo bony ass can take it. But stepping away from indirected insultes and back to my stories.

High school to me, unlike others, was fun! And guess what? I wasn't even the fuckin prom queen and I STILL had good high school years! Come to think of it... I didn't even go to prom.

But the point is I still had fun. Sexuall fun... But non the less fun! I just can't believe I forgot about it all and when James reappears I remember. He's not even in all of them but during most of them I did think of him.

Oh god! You never really find out how much you've missed someone till they return from where ever the hell they came back from.

Wait, I don't even know if he is back in town he could still be in Kentucky. That would really suck compared to how much I JUST found out I missed him.

I'll check you guys out later.