Where You Can Fly Free



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I was bored and lookin at Chaske pics so my mind wondered away from me when I got it back I found this inside.

Brown eyes watching my curves

Soft lips kissing my neck

Big hands around my waist

The thought of you near me

Sends me mind running wild

To have you here with me

Is sending me in over drive

Your breath against my skin

Sends chills down my spine

A slow lick between my breast

As you pull my gown down

A kiss here another there

For my pleasure or his

A gentle gesture to lay me down

Removing the remainder of my cloths

Slowly you slide my underwear off

Unhook my bra finishing the job

You motion for me to lay still

As you remove your cloths

And I watch you with a smile

You raise my left leg

And kiss my big toe

Never removing your eyes from mine

You rub your hands

Slowly, up my body

Only inches before each kiss

You reach my belly button

And you lick around it

Then slowly licks up

Surrounding your lips

Around my right nipple

You suck and gently nibble

Before moving over

To my left breast

To do the same as you did before

Your body pressed against mine

As a sudden kiss

Of passion comes between us

You kiss back down

Your hands still rubbing

Every inch of me

You reach my waist

And wrapped your arms

Around my legs

You look up at me

And surround your lips

Around my lips

I arch my back slightly

Feeling the warmth

Of your touch

Your kiss

Your tongue...

"Oh Chaske" I cry out

Its your tongue

Rubbing smoothly against my

Sensative spot

My my Chaske

You sure do know your stuff

Raisng your hands up to caress my breast

A gasp of pleasure escapse my lips

You take your time with me

You warned me you didnt wanna rush

Each minute is precious

Every second is extasy

As every day after

Would be memoriable

You come back up slowly

With me all over your lips

You enter me slowly and well...

Its really slippery when wet

Once you are inside

You let out a sweet groan

We kiss each other

Passionatley with me

Still on those lips

In out

Up down

Open my legs wider

And lift them up higher

Switch me from side to side

I climb on top

And oh how you LOVE

The reverse cowgirl

To save the best for last

You turn me around

And bend me over

Give my lower lips

One more quick

Ten minute kiss

Before entering me again

And doing your thing

I love this position

You know its my favorite

Kiss my back and rub my shoulders

Pound me harder I just want more of it

Right before you climax you turn me on my back

You love to gaze into my eyes

Any time you have the chance

You always knew my eyes couldnt lie

So at the right moment

We became one

Reaching the peak of our pleasure

In only a few hours time

I wrap myself into you

As you hold tight saying

"I'll never let you go"

You by Gwendolyn Brooks

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I needed you

Wanted you

Desired you

Cared for you

All the things

To show my love

Hoping to receive

In return

I fought for you

Defended you

Took care of you

Called for you

All the things

I did for you

And still do



  Gwendolyn Butterfli Brooks May 13, 2011

Seasons In Life

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So many things, in so many ways

Can mean anything nowadays


Peace of mind

Disturbing the silence

Lack of time

What does that mean to me?

Or should I ask

What does this mean to you?

To me,

Winter in my blood

Summer in my veins

Autumn on my skin

Spring in my heart

The world at my feet

Seasons in my life

Universe at the door

Opportunity in my hands

Descending to who I want to be

But being the best of what I am now

Knowledge is they key to all

All should understand

But a high spirit is the lock

The lock of the life we live

Use your mind, expand your key

Unlock your seasons within

My blood doesn't run cold

But it keeps an open eye for fire

Fire of negativity

I keep the sun in my body

Makng sure I'm always smiling

You mean to tell me when you see me

You don't see me shining?

My skin is brown

That will never change

But it does get more beautiful

As the passing day

My heart is always and forever

Filled with love and hope

Something that's hard to hide

I promise to try and to gloat

The world, I stand on it

Won't let it weigh me down

The universeis mine you see

Just waiting to be roamed

So many opportunites

I can see with my eyes

But none of them will come to me

I have to reach for what's mine!

Seasons change

So do lives

I've changed in many ways

And no it's not a phase

I plan to stay this way

Till I'm able to reach for better days

To widen my horizon

I do, at times set standards high

I work for the best cause I am the best

But that's what I feel deserve inside

The best in life

The best in love

Do you know what YOU deserve?

Think of it then return to me

After you reach out for your destiny