Where You Can Fly Free


Needed Chapter 1 (REVISED)

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Dressed in red satin, soft to the touch

Dressed as a black knight, all ready to go

Oil me down from head to toe

Turn me over for our eyes to meet

As I look into those beautiful eyes

You pierce my mind

A hint of confidence, I feel

A pinch of cockiness, I see

There is a touch of enchantment in your heart

And a smell of seduction on your skin



I use to believe in love at first sight but lately… not so much. My love life has been going down south, big time. I once was this guy who most would describe as Mr. Right. The guy who would sweep you off your feet without using a broom but ever since my ex left it’s been hard to believe in love. It’s almost hard to see it when it’s staring me right in the face. The only thing I could understand and wanted right now was sex, nothing more.


Same Routine

“Harder, go Harder” she gasps for her words as I push myself deeper into her. She moans in sweet agony as I do what she wants me to do, “Don’t stop, keep going” she says I listen and I continue to give her what she wants from me. She wanted it from the second she set eyes on me at the bar.


Sitting next to the pool table trying to ignore me but I knew she wanted me from the moment I walked in the door. So I waited and ignored her as well. I sat in the darkest corner and drank a couple of beers alone and when I got ready to go she jumped in my truck without even telling me her name.

I kept my eyes forward and asked “Where to?”

While she directed us back to her place she made it clear what was on her mind. Her hands were between my legs the entire drive there stroking my shaft. So I did a little settle lean back at a red light and put my hand on her head rest. She got the hint and started sucking.

When we got to her house we got down to business. Within thirty seconds of walking through the door she pulled me to her and began to kiss up my neck and back down. We started to undress each other still groping, planting kiss by kiss all over one another going to the bed. She threw me down taking my pants off grabbing my already hard cock and stuffing it in her mouth as far as she possibly can without choking. Feeling the heat of her mouth around my shaft almost made me cum right then but I didn’t, I might not be young but I know how to make it last for hours.


I only wanted one thing from her though and it wasn’t her mouth. I grabbed her by her hair to stop her from what she was doing but feeling me reach the back of her throat only made her move much faster than before. Started to feel good but I didn’t have time for this so I yanked her up by her hair and threw her on the bed, luckily for me, she likes it rough. I still eased on top of her sliding the condom on but ripping her red lace panties she wore off at the same time and ramming ALL of me in her.

And I don’t like to brag but it’s a lot of me to ramming in somebody. She starts moaning in an instant.

That’s one thing I never understood about some of the girls I fucked, why the noise? Just shut the fuck up and catch a nut! So I could get mine and go home, damn! And this one from the start I could tell she was a screamer and just five minutes into it… I was right!


I fucked her any and every way she wanted me to. From side to side, front, back, doggy style and froggy style and she kept screaming louder and louder than the last scream. I gave her the time of her life that night and when I was done, I got up got dressed and left.

I rode around before I went home and decided to get something on my stomach or rather my stomach decided for me before I call it a night. I pulled to the nearest waffle house. I love there Blueberry waffles! When I walked in they were just about empty other than your usual cops and late night clubbers not wanting to go home immediately after the club closes. Just as I sat down she caught the corner of my eye in her midnight blue dress and silver pumps. I couldn’t help but smile back at her as she walked by. Looking down as she passed was something I couldn’t help but do! She filled that dress out very lovely and of course my mind wondered on how she would look without it.

The waitress was watching me as I watched the behind of midnight blue pass me by. She was jealous I could tell but I didn’t give a damn. I ordered the usual, Blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs, and 4 patty sausages with O.J. I went to the bathroom to wash up a little before my breakfast came. I came back and sat in my booth glancing up seeing that midnight was watching my every move and the gentleman sitting beside her was watching hers. I smiled and looked away slowly when he saw that she was watching me. But by that time my food was here. I ate a little quickly but not sloppy, don’t know if she could get away from him yet cause she is coming with me. I finished up my food and O.J. and waited for the waitress to come and gather the dishes. I looked over at midnight and briefly looked in her eyes; she wanted to go but was afraid to walk off. I made it easy for her. I went and paid for my food then walked towards the miniature crowd and reached for her hand “Are you ready to go?” she looked up surprised going with the flow. “Yeah! I’ll see you guys later” she grabbed my hand and we walked out together with all eyes on us. Got in my truck and turned on the radio. She directed me back to her house which wasn’t far at all. She told me her name was Cristina and more than anything she was happy she got out tonight to have fun. I just looked over and smiled thinking, you have no idea!

When we walked into her house I swear it was déjà vu all over again. Kiss, cloths, bed and head! Boy I already knew this routine oh so well. As she was sucking on my shaft she was taking off her underwear. She took off her dress off I out the condom on and she slide down on my dick. This one was more of a moaner than a screamer. I let her bust three good nuts on top before rolling her over to finish the job. I took a quick shower before I left knowing I would be too tired to do so when I get back home.

“Can I at least know your name?” Cristina continued speaking softly “I told you mine”

“Yeah, Paul.” I don’t really like giving my name out but I hate lying more. I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. When I got outside I saw the mini crew make its way towards her house. I laughed a little and hopped in the truck and headed home. I should’ve stopped back at the waffle house I was hungry again but I needed to sleep it was getting late and I had to work. I got home and pulled everything off but y boxers and climbed into bed. And slept like a baby.